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“It is a victory of the democracy,” Human resources development minister Kapil Sibal said on Friday night of the accord that had been reached on forming a joint committee of ministers and civil society leaders to draft an anti-graft legislation that had prompted social reformer Anna Hazare to announce that he would end Saturday morning his fast-unto-death undertaken for the measure.

“I thank the generosity of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA (United Progressive Alliance) chairperson Sonia Gandhi. I thank Anna Hazare too,” Sibal, who had represented the govenrment in the talks with civil society leaders to persuade Hazare to end the fast he had begun on Tuesday.

Asked whether the government had not deviated from precedent by agreeing to have non-governmental persons in the drafting of legislation, Sibal said: “The important thing is whether it is good for the country.”

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