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Today here in Delhi the Tihar Jail Superintendent has been directed by the Delhi court to appear before it tomorrow to reply to an allegation by one of the December 16 gang rape accused that he was badly beaten up by prison inmates last night.

Accused Vinay Sharma, who came into the court of Additional Sessions Judge Yogesh Khanna with a fractured hand, pleaded that he should not be sent back to Tihar Jail.

“Mujhe yahi marwa do par Tihar jail mat bhejo, waha boht darr lagta hai. Mey yahi se kud jauga par Tihar nahi jauga (You can get me killed here but don’t send me to Tihar Jail, I feel afraid there. I will jump from here but will not go to Tihar), Vinay’s counsel A P Singh told the court on behalf of his client.

Taking note of the condition of the accused, the court directed that further “security and safety of all the four accused should be ensured by the jail officials”.

It sought reply from the superintendent of Jail number 7 and directed him to personally appear before it tomorrow.

“In view of the above, it is directed that medical examination of accused including X-ray should be done and brought to the court tomorrow also,” the court mentioned.

The judge, who was concerned about the safety of the accused, mentioned in his order that earlier also he had directed the jail authorities to ensure security and safety of the accused after the main accused Ram Singh had allegedly committed suicide in his cell in the jail on March 11.

The court while referring to the medical report of G B Pant Hospital here observed that Vinay’s elbow was fractured “due to a fall”.

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