Jammu & Kashmir High Court disposing off Cases daily since Aug 5, says Spokesperson

On Thursday, J-K High Court refuted a media report published on Aug 27 which stated that the Court is not functioning smoothly.
“The news report of newspaper is totally baseless as the High Court is functioning normally & the cases are being heard & disposed off regularly,” the spokesperson of Jammu & Kashmir High Court said according to an official release.
The spokesperson said that 71 main cases have been disposed off on merits in Srinagar wing of the High Court between Aug 5 & 23.
“From Aug 5, 2019 till Aug, 23 2019, 71 main cases have been disposed of on merits in Srinagar wing of the High Court, out of which 6 main cases have been decided on merits by the Division Bench, whereas 65 main cases have been disposed off on merits by the Single Benches by passing detailed judgments including the ones relating to selection of KAS & Sub – Inspectors of Police,” he said.
“In Jammu wing of the High Court, 312 cases were decided by the Division Bench & 243 cases were decided by the Single Benches during the same period,” he added.
The court spokesperson said that the working in Subordinate Courts also went on smoothly & disposed off a total of around 10,000 (ten thousand) cases were during the period.
“Besides this, the registration of document by Sub – Registrars of the State & issuance of certified copies & other administrative functioning of the High Court as well as Subordinate Courts went on smoothly during the aforesaid period. The employees of the High Court are also performing their duties with dedication,” he said.

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