Judges must have a heart to deliver justice, says Justice Dave

Judges must have a heart to deliver justice, says Justice Dave
Judges must have a heart to deliver justice, says Justice Dave

Supreme Court judge Justice Anil R Dave today said that judges must have a heart and understand the emotions as the brain work alone will never do justice to the people.

“A judge must be a person with emotion, with heart. Brain alone won’t do. A judge requires it and I can say Justice Gowda is a man with a heart,” Justice Dave said while speaking at the farewell function, given to Justice V Gopala Gowda, organised by Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA).

Justice Gowda, who hails from Karnataka, had joined the apex court in 2012 and retired today.

Speaking on the occasion, Justice Gowda said that he is not going to stay from the public after the retirement and will continue to work for the poor.

“I am not going to stay away. I will definitely take up issues concerned with the people and try to help the needy to render justice to them,” he said.

Justice Gowda, in his farewell speech, urged young lawyers to protect the rights of the farmers of the nation and said that they are the reason for our very existence.

“Agriculturists and farmers are our ‘annadatas’ (food provider) and the reason for our existence in this universe.

They don’t have any demands. They produce and supply to us.

They are the great people of this country, We have to protect them,” he added.

Gowda also appealed to the lawyers to defend the needy and the downtrodden section of the society.

“Democracy today in India is defended by the legal fraternity. The lawyers of this country are the protectors of rule of law. Our Constitution envisages good governance to the people of India. Indian judiciary is vibrant and requires great contribution from the lawyers”

“My appeal to the young members of the legal fraternity is to render social economic and political justice to the needy so as to help our nation to develop further,” Gowda said.

The function organised by SCBA was held at The Indian Society of International Law auditorium at the V K Krisna Menon Bhavan.

The office bearers of SCBA also spoke at the thickly- packed function.

( Source – PTI )

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