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Judging the judiciary: 32 million pending cases clog up courts

A few days from now, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government will complete two years of a promise that it gave with great fanfare in 2009 — erasing pending cases in all courts of the country by Dec 31, 2012. But as official records show, the graph of cases awaiting adjudication is actually going up.

According to figures released by the Supreme Court, on Jan 1, 2009, the number of cases pending before various courts, from the apex court to subordinate ones across the country, was 30,333,263.

The number of pending cases in various high courts and subordinate courts on Sep 30, 2010, was 32,170,973. In the apex court alone, the number of cases pending as of June 30, 2011, was 57,179.

2 Comments on “Judging the judiciary: 32 million pending cases clog up courts”

  • infact,the lower courts are not interested to use their powers or lack of subject knowledge or may not satisfied with their expectations mentally prepared to burden the appellate courts by increasing the files.
    responsibility has to be fixed with concerned judges in taking fast decisions orelse let the case may be disposed of f on merits to the extent of knoeledge of the concerned judges, in stead of wasting time.it is my personal openion.

  • vijay


    It mighty be next to impossible for UPA but it is not impossible if we can break the neck.

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