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Justice Soumitra Sen resigns

Kolkata high court Judge, Justice Soumitra Sen has sent in his resignation letter to the President and the speaker of the Lok Sabha. His resignation comes days before the Lok Sabha was due to take up the impeachment motion that was passed by a large majority in the Rajya Sabha.

Justice Soumitra Sen of Calcutta High Court defends himself in the Rajya Sabha. PTISpeaking to CNN -IBN, Sen said that his decision was made after assessing the mood of the house. “It was decided already that I will be impeached,” he said. Justice Sen has however said that he stands by allegations that he made while arguing his case in the Rajya Sabha, where he said that he had been offered various positions on alternate panels if he resigned. He has called his removal an instance of ‘judicial anarchy’.

Lawyer Prashant Bhushan in this regard said that Sen’s resignation would allow him to keep his pensionary benefits, but said he thought that the impeachment process would have to continue, which meant that the Lok Sabha will still have to pass the motion in this session of parliament.

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    Justice Soumitrasen should not be allowed get away by resignation. When found guilty while holding such highest office, the right course of action is impeachment.

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