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Pakistan terror accused Mohammed Ajmal Amir alias Kasab Monday alleged that he was interrogated by Indian intelligence agency RAW, which had accused him of spying and has demanded that he be allowed to examine Indian and Pakistani witnesses after consulting the Pakistan government.

Kasab said that soon after his arrest early Nov 27, 2008, he was handed over to the RAW – “RAW officials then handed me over to the Mumbai Police crime branch and told them that I am a spy,” he told the special court today.

He even alleged that the TV footage recorded by a Pakistani channel GeoTV (which was shown in the special court) was made at the behest of RAW and Israeli officials and attributed this information to some crime branch officials.

He demanded permission to examine Pakistani witnesses after consulting the Pakistan government. “Please inform the Pakistan government to meet me. I need to bring some witnesses after I consult them,” he pleaded before Special Judge M.L. Tahalyani.

Responding to this, Judge Tahalyani pointed out that first he would have to reveal the names and address of the persons he wished to examine and the court would issue process.

Kasab, however, declined and insisted on meeting Pakistani government officials.

His government-appointed lawyer K.P. Pawar sought time from the Special Court to gather evidence to defend Kasab and also mentioned that he would examine a few Indian witnesses.

When the special judge asked whether he would like to be examined as a witness on oath, Kasab said: “I have no objections, I shall repeat whatever I have said so far.”

Tahalyani then instructed Pawar to explain to Kasab the procedures and significance of testifying as a witness on oath.

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