Kerala’s plea against roadside meetings ban dismissed

The Kerala High Court on Friday dismissed the review petition of the state government against the ban on holding roadside public meetings. Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said the government would appeal to higher courts.

A division bench of Justice C N Ramachandran Nair and Justice P S Gopinathan said they saw no reason why the court should reconsider its on the ban because meetings held on the roadside would prevent the free movement of people on the roads.

A bench of Justice Nair June 23 had directed police, civic bodies, local self-governments and revenue departments to refuse permission for roadside meetings, saying it issued the order to ensure free flow of traffic on public roads and also for the safety of the public.

Addressing reporters here shortly after the judgment came, Balakrishnan said the division bench’s dismissal of the review petition was expected.

‘See, the same bench as the one which banned the holding of meetings on roadsides looked into the review petition. So it is quite natural that this would be the outcome. We will now go to courts above that with an appeal,’ he said.

Justice Nair last month slammed the Kerala government for filing a petition seeking his replacement from the bench hearing the review petition.

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