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Land, education reforms next on Anna’s list

Social activist Anna Hazare, whose fast to push through the Jan Lokpal bill continued for the fifth day Saturday, has promised more fights in the days ahead – for land reforms, farmers’ rights and a better education system.

 Though he has begun betraying some signs of tiredness due to his hunger-strike, the 74-year-old Hazare declared he will “not give up”.

“I have lost 3.5 kg over the past four days… but there is nothing to worry,” the activist said, as the crowd of supporters at the Ramlila Ground in central Delhi cheered.

 “I will not give up…we will keep fighting until we get the Jan Lokpal bill passed,” he added.

 Hazare also said his fight won’t stop at the Lokpal bill.

 “Farmers are forced to commit suicide. Their lands are being taken forcibly and given to builders and companies…we have to fight for farmers. The education system has become so corrupt that we have to pay money to get our children admitted in schools and colleges,” he said.

Hazare said the government knows all this but does not do anything.

“There is a big chain of corruption and we have to break that…we will bring a change in the country,” he said.

Sitting at an elevated platform at the Ramlila Ground where he and his team have been given permission by Delhi Police to continue their protest from Friday until Sep 2, Hazare has been drawing massive crowds from across the country.

He has been on fast since Aug 16 to press his demand for a stronger Lokpal Bill.

 Calling people of India his family, Hazare said: “I might not have a family but all you people are my family and together we can do lot of things. We have to fight for true independence and a real republic.”

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