Law student traced, Supreme Court meets her, will stay in Delhi for 4 days

Directing UP police to produce the missing Shahjahanpur law student who was traced to Rajasthan Friday, a Supreme Court bench, after interacting with her in the evening instructed that she be accommodated in a short-stay home in New Delhi for four days.

The woman was reported missing a week ago from Shahjahanpur, & her father had accused former BJP MP Swami Chinmayanand, head of the law college management, of harassing her & other students. Acting on his complaint, police had booked Chinmayanand on charges of abduction & intimidation — charges he denied.

On Friday evening, Justice R Banumathi & A S Bopanna directed the Delhi Police Commissioner to send a team to fetch her parents & arrange their meeting. The judges asked authorities of the short-stay home to allow her to use the landline phone to speak to her parents but barred her from meeting anyone else till the court meets her again. The bench will hear the matter next on September 2.

The judges said she was responsive to their questions, that she understood English but replied mostly in Hindi. “She stated that prior to Raksha Bandhan she left Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, along with her three college mates who are also their family friends, in order to protect herself. She has stated that she does not intend to go back to Uttar Pradesh for the present till she meets her parents in Delhi & talks to them. She has further stated that after meeting her parents & talking to them, she will take a decision on her future course of action. Miss “A” wants to stay back in Delhi for the time being till she meets her parents & talks to them,” the judges said.

The woman’s father told The Indian Express: “We have been watching news channels the entire day & we learnt about our daughter’s recovery from Rajasthan. Later in the day, some police officers came to my house & informed us that she had been recovered from the Dausa area of Rajasthan.”

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