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Advocates here met Chief Justice MY Eqbal of the Madras high court and sought help for Justice CS Karnan, a judge from the Dalit community who has complained of discrimination.

A group of lawyers from the high court called on the chief justice, seeking justice for the judge and action against those responsible for the alleged discrimination.

“The chief justice gave a patient hearing to the lawyers and said that the matter was with the Chief Justice of India,” an advocate, who attended the meeting, told, preferring anonymity.

According to him, the chief justice told the lawyers that he did not know the caste of brother judges.

“We had requested that the dignity and decorum of the judicial institution should be maintained by all the parties concerned – judges and the lawyers,” S. Prabhakaran, president of Tamil Nadu Advocates Association, told.

He said similar views were expressed by Madras high court Advocates Association president G. Mohanakrishnan.

According to reports, Justice Karnan sought an inquiry by the National Commission for Scheduled Castes alleging that he was being victimised by brother judges as they were bothered by his independent nature in deciding cases.

One Response to “Lawyers seek help for Madras high court judge CS Karnan”

  1. vijay

    It appears from the reports that the particular Judge belongs to lower community and does not follow the dictates of some lawyers and fellow judges. The whole issue started with this issue. Naturally a judge should be honest and upright. With the polution in the Judiciary, it may not be liked by general community who are hapituated to alleged corruption and corrupt practices, keeping in their tradition. One with black should not only in the black, but appears to be black, it looks like this.


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