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Law Minister Salman Khurshid today made it clear that legal education would remain within the purview of Bar Council of India, saying the apex lawyers’ body could decide best what is necessary in this area.

His comments came in wake of strong opposition from the apex lawyers’ body about a proposed Bill of the HRD Ministry, which it allege is aimed at usurping the BCI’s control over legal education.

HRD Minister Kapil Sibal had earlier said that Higher Education and Research (HER) Bill will not infringe upon legal education.

“Legal education will remain within the purview of Bar Council of India…they are the best to decide what is necessary,” Khurshid said at a seminar here organised by Indian Law Institute in association with Bar Council of India, Supreme Court Bar Association and others.

He, however, noted that as core structure in education is changing with people enrolling to legal education along with a combination of other subjects, a balance has to be struck between professional bodies like bar council and other bodies regarding legal education.

“There are people who want to read law not to crack law…people who want to combine law with subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, management.

“We will have to find a balance, through discussion as to what are the contours and areas which must be totally protected for professional bodies like the bar council and what are the areas not for an academic nature…,” he said.

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