Lok Adalats settle 1070 cases, award over Rs five crore

lok adalatA total of 1,070 cases were on Saturday settled by the Lok Adalats conducted at all the six district courts, Debt Recovery Tribunals and state consumer commission here in which settlement amount of over Rs five crore was awarded.

According to the Delhi State Legal Services Authority, 29 benches were constituted in the district courts here, which disposed of 841 cases pertaining to various criminal offences.

These cases were pending in various district courts here and in the Lok Adalat, a settlement amount of Rs 1,41,31,431 was awarded, it said.

The authority said that Lok Adalats were also organised in the three Debt Recovery Tribunals here in which 16 cases were disposed of and settlement amount of approximately Rs 3 crore was given.

The Lok Adalat was also organised at the state consumer dispute redressal commission here in which six benches were constituted and 43 cases were settled, it said, adding that the settlement amount awarded was Rs 64,54,117.

107 criminal cases were also disposed of by way of plea bargaining in the special sitting conducted by metropolitan magistrates.

“Total 1070 cases were settled today in which settlement amount was Rs 5,05,85,548 and there would be no further appeals,” the authority said in a statement.

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