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A private coaching centre tutor, who lost one of his legs after having been run over by a recklessly driven tempo, has been awarded a compensation of nearly Rs 19 lakhs by a road mishap MACT.

Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT) ordered Reliance General Insurance company Ltd, with which the offending vehicle was insured, to pay Rs 18,75,195 to 40-year-old Paharganj resident Nandan Mukherjee.

In view of the unrebutted testimony of the petitioner and documents available on record, it is prima facie proved that he suffered injures due to rash and negligent driving of tempo driver,” MACT Presiding officer Dinesh Bhatt said.

The accident took place in July 2011 when Mukherjee was crossing a road in North Delhi. As he was crossing it, he was hit by a tempo, rashly driven by Ghaziabad resident Mohammed Rafiq and coming from the wrong side.

 The vehicle ran over his right leg, which had to be amputated later in the hospital.

 The tribunal while awarding compensation to Mukherjee noted that he had suffered up to 75 percent disability of right lower limb.

 “Petitioner was stated to be engaged in teaching work. The amputation, therefore, would only partly affect his working capacity,” the tribunal said.

 It also said the driver and the owner of the tempo were jointly and severally liable to pay the compensation but as the vehicle was insured, the insurance company would pay the amount Rs 18,75,195 to the victim.

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