Madras HC directs TN to preserve ponds

Madras HC directs TN to preserve ponds
Madras HC directs TN to preserve ponds

The Madras High court today directed authorities in Sattur block in Virudhunagar district to preserve ponds meant for drinking purpose and prevent their contamination by sewage water.

Justice K Ravichandra Babu disposed of the petition filed by president of N Muthusamypuram Panchayat M Nagarajan saying the block development officer should ensure that sewage water is not mixed with the oorani or pond within two weeks.

The petition was filed against the background of floods causing havoc in Chennai and surrounding areas allegedly due to encroachment of water bodies.

The judge said it was thebounden duty of the official respondents to preservewater bodies for the benefit of the public and not to allow these to be misused in any manner.

He said noperson has any right to let in sewage water into a water body as such action tantamount to causing pollution of such water body thereby defeating the very purpose for which such water body exists.

The petitioner claimedthat due to the mixing of sewage water, the oorani was heavily contaminated, apart from the fact that such sewage water is also getting stagnated behind a school compound.

The students of the school are having some health problems, the petitioner alleged.

The judge also rejected the contention of the additional government pleader that the oorani referred to in the writ petition was not used for any drinking water purpose by the villagers and was meant only for storage of sewage water.

( Source – PTI )

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