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Madras HC disapproves of practice of publishing tender notifications

Madras HC disapproves of practice of publishing tender notifications

The Madras High Court has expressed disapproval of the practice of local bodies choosing to publish their tender-cum-auction notifications only in political organs such as Dr Namadhu MGR, founded by Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

A Madurai bench comprising justices S Manikumar and justice S S Sundar, gave this view while allowing a petition seeking police inquiry into alleged irregularities and nepotism in leasing out shops here.

“Perusal of the daily shows that its founder is Honourable Chief Minister of the State of Tamil Nadu and that it (Dr Namadhu MGR) contains news relating to the political activities of the ruling party and welfare measures of the ruling Government,” it said

“Important news normally found in any other news daily having decent circulation is not seen in this newspaper.

Giving out an advertisement in a newspaper is for the specific purpose of inviting the public to participate in the tender-cum-public auction.”

In the present case, not even a single tender was received pursuant to the tender notification, the bench said.

It said the ward members of Thirumangalam Municipality had been misled by its office-bearers who claimed to have paid Rs 30,116 to an advertising agency for publishing the notification in all editions of the daily though it was not published in the Chennai edition.

The petition was filed by former Vice President of the Municipality, Rajendran.

( Source – PTI )

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