Madras HC grants two weeks’ parole to life convict to make conjugal visit

CHENNAI: A division bench of justices CT Selvam and P Ramathilagam Friday permitted Perumal, arrested in connection with a murder in 2008  lodged in the central prison in Cuddalore to exercise his conjugal rights.

The Additional Public Prosecutor had pointed out that since the petitioner’s husband is an undertrial prisoner in two cases, the jail authorities are precluded from granting him leave under the Tamil Nadu Suspension of Sentence Rules, 1982. Referring to a recent Madurai bench order of this court, the judges said, “Conjugal visits lead to strong family bonds and keep the family functional rather than the family becoming dysfunctional due to prolonged isolation and lack of sexual contact.

The court also directed the authorities to provide appropriate escort to the prisoner during his parole. On an earlier occasion, the convict was granted parole for one week from April 29 this year for the same purpose.

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