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Mumbai which is known for its free night life getting disturbed by moral policing. On this issue Maharastra government finally took note of the situation. Minister of state for home Satej Patil had a talk with police commissioner Arup Patnaik, advised him to handle the issue efficiently and the state was mulling a review of archaic laws.
“Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city and the government wants to take a holistic approach on the issue,” Patil. “Laws should be followed, but innocent people should not be harassed … Some laws may not have relevance today, but may be used to book people.”
It is pertinent to note that Patil belongs to the Congress, while home minister R R Patil belongs to its alliance partner, the NCP. A source said the government was worried about the alleged highhandedness of the police in some cases where bars and pubs were raided, patrons were video-graphed and their names and addresses taken down. “The whole administration cannot be tainted because of the actions of one or two persons,” said the source. There is also concern in some quarters of the government that the targeting of night life in the city might affect Mumbai’s image internationally and impact the inflow of tourists.
Patil said the government has proposed a comprehensive review of laws, some of which were enacted over half a century ago. The laws that may come under the lens would include permit rules (that require a person to hold a permit to drink alcohol ) and other rules in the Bombay Police Act and Bombay Prohibition Act that have a chance of being misused. “The law cannot be used to target common people or persons who are visiting a restaurant or a discotheque,” said Patil.

India is a growing economy, the ambitious dream of making  Mumbai India’s Shanghai cannot be realised by moral policing. Since India’s freedom Mumbai has been the symbol of liberalism and this cannot be permitted to be destroyed by a small gaoup of moral policing. India has a written constitution there is police to control any anti-social activity, a few people cannot take law in their hands. Every pepole should respect law and shoud act in conformity with the law of land.

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