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In May this year, Mumbai-based writer Kapil Chopra filed a case of plagiarism against the makers of Jannat 2, alleging the Mahesh Bhatt camp had stolen his script to make their film. Chopra maintained in court that he had registered his screenplay with the Film Writers Association way back in 2007.

 In a court hearing last evening, it came to light that Chopra had met Jannat 2’s director Kunal Deshmukh a couple of times when he narrated his story, and even left a bound copy of the script with the director. There was no response.

 Later, when Chopra saw the promos of the film, he thought his screenplay had been copied to the T, including the plot, dialogues and characters. He met Deshmukh and  Mahesh Bhatt camp but both rubbished his claims after which, he filed a case against the film’s makers.

 After hearing Chopra’s complaint, the Bombay High Court has asked the Mahesh Bhatt camp to deposit Rs 10 lakh, the amount being for the conditional order that they can release the satellite rights of Jannat 2.

 Kapil maintains that Jannat 2 is his work. To which Mahesh Bhatt shot back, “Kapil is in delusion. It is Shagufta Rafique who has written the script. The Court will decide later if Kapil’s complaint holds any merit,” adding, “The industry needs to be saved from people like Kapil who think that every work of significance is theirs.”

 Shagufta simply said, “Losers always exist. Kapil is one such.”

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