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mactA 44-year-old man, who suffered 50 per cent permanent disability in his leg in an accident involving a rashly driven car, has been awarded a compensation of over Rs 13 lakh by a Motor Accident Claims Tribunal here.

The tribunal directed the Oriental Insurance Company Ltd, insurer of the offending car, to pay a compensation of Rs 13,96,368 to south Delhi resident Kalyan Singh Bisht whose leg got crushed in the accident in 2011.

The tribunal, while awarding the compensation, relied on the testimony of the victim and his friend, who too suffered injuries in the accident.

“In view of the specific statements of both the injured persons and documents filed, I am of the view that accident had occurred due to rash and negligent driving of the car,” MACT Presiding Officer K S Mohi said.

The tribunal also relied on the medical report of Kalyan which proved 50 per cent permanent disability in his left leg.

According to the petition filed by Kalyan, on February 17, 2011, after leaving from his office on his scooter with Probir, he had stopped at a bus stop to meet a friend.

Both of them were waiting there for Kalyan’s friend and had parked their scooter near the bus stop when a speeding car hit the scooter from behind and crushed Kalyan’s left leg under its wheel, it said.

In the accident, Probir also sustained grievous injuries and his left leg got fractured. They both were taken to JPN Trauma Center by the police, it further said, adding that due to the injuries, Kalyan suffered 50 per cent permanent disability in his left leg.

The tribunal noted that the driver and the owner of the offending car did not file any reply despite several opportunities.

However, the insurance company filed its written response denying the contents of the petition

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