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person with disabilityA 54-year-old man who suffered physical disability in a road accident involving a rashly driven bus has been awarded compensation of over Rs 10 lakh by a Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT) in New Delhi.

The tribunal directed National Insurance Company, insurer of the offending bus, to pay Rs 10.24 lakh to Kuwar Pal Singh, who was hit by a bus while riding his motorcycle in 2010.

“Despite opportunities granted, respondents (driver, owner and insurer of the bus) failed to lead any evidence…

The issue thus stands decided in favour of petitioner (Singh) holding that the accident happened as a result of rash and negligent driving of the bus,” MACT Presiding Officer Ravinder Bedi said.

While awarding the compensation, the tribunal relied on Singh’s testimony and his medical reports declaring permanent disability of his left limb.

“The petitioner (Singh) has proved the disability certificate as per which he suffered 66 per cent permanent disability in relation to left upper limb. He is entitled to compensation on account of future loss due to disability,” the tribunal said.

“It is well settled that a victim of an accident has to be compensated in terms of money even if gratuitous services are rendered by a family member,” the tribunal observed while assessing the compensation amount.

According to the petition, on February 27, 2010, Singh, a resident of Mandawali in east Delhi, was going home on his motorcycle when an RTV bus, driven rashly, hit him near New Ashok Nagar.

Due to the impact, Singh fell down and sustained grave injuries leading to 66 per cent permanent disability on his left arm.

Singh, who was earning nearly Rs 15,000 per month running an advertisement company, had claimed compensation of Rs 5 lakh.

The driver and the owner of the bus, in their written statements, had denied the accident and claimed that Singh was at fault as he was riding the motorcycle negligently in a zig-zag manner.


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