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Man freed in rape case as woman says relations were consensual

Man freed in rape case as woman says relations were consensual

A man, accused of raping a woman on the false promise of marriage, has been acquitted after the alleged victim told aDelhi court that the physical relations between them were consensual and now they are happily married.

The court also absolved the man’s aunt of charges of abetting the woman’s kidnapping and rape, saying the factum of abetment of the offence by her has also not been proved.

“For the foregoing reasons, particularly in the light of deposition of the prosecutrix, wherein she admitted consensual physical relations with the accused during her relations with him, coupled with her voluntary depositions to the extent that she had made the complaint against the accused merely under the impression that he was not marrying her and had obtained her consent for physical relationship on the false promise of marriage…, I find there is no material on record whatsoever for convicting the accused for the offence with which he was charged,” Additional Sessions Judge Kaveri Baweja said.

According to police, the man was a friend of the woman’s brother and after developing friendship, they were in touch through calls and social media and he proposed her for marriage.

It alleged that the man, a resident of central Delhi, established physical relations with the woman against her wishes on the pretext of marriage and also made a video and started threatening her not to disclose it to anyone or he would upload it on Internet.

When the woman became pregnant, she pressurised him for marriage but he kept delaying it and got her pregnancy terminated. Later in April 2015, he refused to marry her, it said, adding that the woman then lodged a complaint to police.

The woman, however, deposed in the court that she had made the complaint against the man as he was delaying their marriage and asking her to wait but now he has married her and they were living happily.

She added that physical relations between her and the man were consensual and she had voluntarily terminated her pregnancy as she was unmarried at that time. She was declared hostile and was cross-examined by the prosecutor but she failed to support the case of prosecution.

( Source – PTI )

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