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bbThe Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced a man to a suspended six-month jail term for rendering permanently disabled a finger of an Indian expatriate, a media report said.

The Iraqi man, 24, identified only as OA, slammed a door on the hand of an Indian supervisor, 37, identified only as FA. He, however, denied assaulting and insulting the Indian, The National reported on Tuesday.

“There is no reason that I assaulted him, no excuse, I did not do that,” OA, a computer engineer, said.

The victim went to OA’s villa to fix the closets in the wall. OA insulted the victim after showing him the closets.

Before leaving, FA told the villa’s owner that his son had insulted him.

“At that moment, the villa’s owner’s son (OA) pushed me towards the door and pushed me out, I lost my balance and held on to the side of the open door. Then he slammed the door while my hand was still there,” said FA.

The victim’s fingers were severely injured in the incident, leading to the complete loss of mobility in one.

(Source: IANS)

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