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 “Dilli Chalo” this famous slogan is again in picture. At that time I mean to say pre independence period S C Bose gave this slogan to enrage the sleeping blood of Indians to achieve liberation and at this time I mean to say the 21st Century men,s rights groups are giving this slogan to enrage the sleeping blood of Indian mens so that they can achieve liberation from the women favoring laws, and get rid from this cruel domination of women’s rule.  Men,s rights group have convened a protest on August 18 in Delhi to protest the amendments in the Marriage Bill which legally recognise a wife’s right to property acquired by her spouse during their marriage.

 A men,s rights group Save Indian Family Foundation president Rajesh Vakharia said although the government is projecting the Marriage Amendment Bill, 2010 as a “short cut to divorce”, in realty the divorce will become expensive for men.

“In the event of divorce, men facing abusive marriage would have to part with their property, made from hard earned money,” he said.

The men’s rights group are demanding roll back of the amendments made in the Marriage Amendment bill and seek an open debate on it before the society.

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