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29 feb, New Delhi: A book on laws for protection of women against violence “Married but not legally wed” written by Dr. Charu Walikhanna & Jyotika kalra is released in Krishn Menon Bhawan at 4:00 pm.The venue is in front of Supreme Court. The book is released by Speaker of Lok Sabha Mrs.Meera Kumar and Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra of Supreme Court.

This book contains Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 (43 of 2005), Protection of Women from Domestic Voilence Rules, 2006, Landmark Judgments of Supreme Court and High Court on: Relationship in the Nature of Marriage, Intercaste Marriages, Live-in-Relationship, Proff of Marriage, Crime Against Women, Maintenence, Domestic Violence.

This book is focused on examining a inherent guarantees, prevalent laws for insurance of women opposite assault in a marriage, her Right to Life, and a need for a extensive horizon for insurance of women from domestic violence. The book includes a comparison with a law in other countries and finally a end and recommendations. This book also includes opposite chapters on several topics associated to matrimony with a latest judgements, full content of critical judgements, a PWDV Act, 2005, a PWDV Rules, 2006, and also a breeze petition to promote filing of a censure underneath a Act.

This book is available at Rs. 395. JBA Book Code is 97165.



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