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The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Friday sought the media’s help in highlighting rights violations in India.

“NHRC wants the media to help it improve the situation of human rights in the country. The media should highlight the issue of human rights violations in the country,” NHRC chairperson Justice K.G. Balakrishnan said at a workshop for journalists here.

Balakrishnan, a former chief justice of India, said the government respected NHRC’s recommendations and directions since it believed in the commission’s sincerity.

“NHRC is trying to improve governance and has nothing do with politics. NHRC wants the government to take interest in issues of human rights,” he said.

When asked about NHRC’s stand on proposed court reporting guidelines, he said: “The commission is a formal party in the matter. However, it has decided not to intervene, as the issue is only about reporting on court proceedings and not for general issues.”



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