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A men’s rights group on Sunday took out a rally protesting against the proposed Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2002, alleging it would breakdown the traditional family system by introducing no-fault divorce and was heavily loaded against the husband.

“Similar laws in the west have led to breakdown of the traditional family system. In the US, while only 20 per cent of couples who married in 1950 ended up divorced, about 50 per cent of couples who married in 1970 did so after the no-fault divorce came into being,” said Hriday spokesperson Anil Gupta.

He said as per the proposed legislation, which has received the nod from the cabinet, a wife can walk out of the marriage on her sweet will.

“As a reward for divorce, minimum 50 per cent of the assets of the husband will be given to the wife, as per the new law. But the husband can’t make any such claim.”

He said by giving wife 50 per cent share in the husband’s property, the new amendment seeks to deprive others of their rights and shares, thereby subjecting them to “abject poverty”.

“In this way, the amendment will do great disservice to aged parents. While the husband cannot challenge the divorce petition, the wife can do so on grounds of financial hardship.”

Moreover, the assets of the husband would be divided pre-marriage and post-marriage, inherited and inheritable – movable and immovable assets.

“But even in western laws, only marital property – and not inherited property or wealth acquired prior to marriage – is considered. Both husband’s and wife’s property is considered. And consideration is also given to spouse’s contribution to marital property at the time of divorce,” he said.

(Source: IANS)

3 Responses to “Men’s right group protests ‘discriminatory’ proposed marriage law”

  1. Ratnesh virendra singh

    This bill will ruin our society this bill will inject the seed of greediness in the mind of the people government should work to make neutral and unbiased law to protect the interests of both the gender

  2. Dr.SANATH

    What is the time limit for the Execution of the divorce Alimony decree or for claiming the Alimony amount by the divorced wife & whether Limitation Act, 1963, is applicable here if so what is the time limit.

  3. RIAZ

    Sir, Now a days with passing of new laws against men, women & law enforcing agencies are taking undue advantage of existing laws and harassing men in different ways without any fault of men….for cross checking the authenticity of grievance of women, men protection cell should be formed.


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