Mercy petition of Nirbhaya convict Pawan Gupta rejected by President Ramnath Kovind.

On Wednesday, President Ram Nath Kovind rejected the mercy plea of Pawan Gupta, 1 of the 4 death row convicts in the 2012 Nirbhaya gang-rape & murder case. Pawan Gupta was the last convict to file a mercy plea.

This comes after a Delhi Court, on Monday, stayed for the third time the death sentence of 4 convicts in the case observing that they can’t be executed while a mercy plea is pending before the President.

Lawyer AP Singh, who is representing the Nirbhaya Convicts, had filed the mercy plea before the President of India on behalf of convict Pawan Gupta on Monday.

On Feb 5, President Ram Nath Kovind rejected the mercy plea of convict Akshay Singh Thakur. So far, mercy pleas of Vinay Sharma & Mukesh Singh have also been rejected.

However, a “complete” mercy petition of convict Akshay Singh Thakur has also been filed claiming that the previous one, which was rejected by the President, did not have “complete facts”.

Meanwhile, Pawan Gupta’s curative plea seeking commutation of his death sentence to life imprisonment was also dismissed by the Apex Court on Monday.

So far, 3 death warrants have been issued & stayed in the matter.

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