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N D Tiwari is Rohit Shekhar’s father: HC

New Delhi, The Delhi High Court ruled today that veteran Congress leader N D Tiwari was indeed Rohit Shekhar’s father.

Mr Shekhar (31) had moved the High Court to order a DNA test on the Congressman to test his paternity.

However, the veteran Congressman and former Governor had steadfastly defied all attempts of the Court almost daring them to put him under a DNA test.

Justice Gita Mittal, in her verdict holding Tiwari to be Shekhar’s father, conceded that the Congressman couldn’t be forced to undergo a DNA test.

The order mentions that the Court has enough evidence to arrive at the conclusion.

Mr Shekhar had produced more than 100 photographs of his mother Ujjawala and Tiwari to prove proximity between them. According to him, there was a physical relationship between them, which led to his birth.

However, Tiwari had made light of the photographs saying that being a public representative he was always mingling with the people. Hence, the photographs don’t make a clinching evidence.

Significantly though, the politician didn’t file an affidavit to either deny or affirm the authenticity of the photographs in spite of the judge categorically ordering him to do so.

In the absence of Tiwari’s response, the Court took the photographs in favour of the petitioner as the biological son.

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