Naidu Says:More than new law, political & admin will required to counter social evils

New Delhi:-Political will and administrative skill are more important to eliminate social evils and these should be coupled with any new legal initiative undertaken, Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu said today adding merely enacting a new law does not stop a crime or change the system.

Delivering his key note speech during the 48th foundation day celebrations of the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPRD) here, Naidu also lauded the central government’s decision to demonetise two large currencies (Rs 1,000 and Rs 500).

“We have a weakness and fancy for a new law. Anything happens (there is a demand to bring) new law…but does the new law stop all the crimes?,” he asked.

Senior and top brass of the central police forces and home ministry were present on the occasion.

“I had said in the past that a mere new bill does not suffice. What is required is political will, administrative skill and then go for the kill of the social evil. Making any number of laws is not going to change the system. They are required, I am not denying that…,” he said.

He was referring to the recent changes and introduction of new laws to check crimes against women and for anti-corruption.

The Prime Minister, Naidu said, is trying his best to fight corruption through new legal initiatives.

On demonetisation, he said this was done with a “good intention” and all the monies hidden in “bedrooms, bathrooms and under the pillow has now reached the banks and has come into the system”.

Naidu hoped the Income Tax Department and the RBI would “quickly” do their investigations in this context and put in the public domain their findings.

The Vice-President also hailed the Jan Dhan scheme to provide bank account to all and said some even “ridiculed as to why it is needed as there is no money”.

Those who opened it realised its importance when demonetisation of the two large currencies was announced, he said.

“Then the criticism of the (currency) note ban started. That is a right in democracy for citizens but people said all money reached the bank so what?

“That was the aim. The money that was in bedroom, bathroom and under the pillow, has reached the bank and come into the system…”, he said.

Now, what is white and black in now the job of the RBI and the Income Tax Department to find, Naidu said.

On issues pertaining to the police, he said transparency and accountability are corner stones for effective policing.

He asked the police forces across the country to pro-actively put in public domain the figures of crime reportage and detection.

The vice-president also cautioned against the new emerging threats and security challenges by way of cyber warfare, which he said needed to be tackled by using the “power of knowledge.”

On economic reforms, he said, as the country moved towards greater privatisation and has allowed 100 per cent FDI (in some areas), many foreign companies were coming in and operating and there was need to be “extra careful”. “We have to work together and evolve joint strategies,” he said.

During his address, the Vice-President also expressed concern over moral values in the society and said this needed to be addressed.

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