Need to spread awareness on lok adalats: Chief Justice Misra

Chief Justice of Delhi High Court Dipak Misra Monday said it is the responsibility of the media to create awareness among the general public about lok adalats which help settle cases amicably.

He said lok adalats were meant for the public who need help, settlement and want their cases to be solved without any controversy and media should take up the responsibility to create awareness about them.

The next mega lok adalat is to be held Oct 24.

‘Lok adalat is a pathway for social engineering which has to be activated by helping those who are in a problem. We are committed to provide them relief and media should come forward in informing them about its benefits,’ said the chief justice.

He said that every case has a human face. ‘Some may feel it’s a small case but the person who has to appear in the court knows how big the case is for him. It is in this context that mega lok adalats are held to solve the matter amicably.’

‘We have to understand the problem that people are facing due to the pending cases. It is our duty to help them but it won’t be complete if the people for whom we are conducting lok adalats don’t appear before us,’ he added.

Speaking to reporters, he said that he has been holding meetings with senior officials of insurance companies, banks and financial institutions who have agreed to co-operate in solving disputes which have been pending for long.

‘We have received co-operation from all the bars and lawyers. We have asked them to see that if a lawyer from one of the parties doesn’t appear before us, he must be informed so that the matter is solved without losing anytime,’ said the chief justice.

Justice A.K. Sikri also said that dissemination of information is very crucial in making lok adalats a success.

‘We have requested officials and counsels to inform the parties before the listing of a case so that they come well prepared and the matter can be solved amicably. But people should also know about their case and about the lok adalats through media,’ he said.

‘We have spent lot of time working visiting district courts and studying cases and we felt that in most of the cases there should be pre-hearing where there is a possibility that the matter can reach a peaceful settlement,’ said Justice Vikramjit Sen.

He said that there is a common notion in accident cases that people won’t get their dues but its wrong.

‘We have managed to convince the insurance companies to come to a realistic amount so that people get the right compensation. But for this the public has to attend the pre-hearings to get a positive result out of their cases,’ he said.

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