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On Sunday an apolitical organisation held a debate to seek a new constitution to eradicate corruption.

Dev Nandan said that in order to prevent the nation from “further annihilation, a new constitution is necessary”, at the “Jan Samvidhan Sabha” at Jantar Mantar, president of Prism (Prototype Revolutionary Innovative Sankranti Movement)

He said. “It should be a constitution which must represent properly the general will, end all the discrimination of caste, region and religion and not work for a particular section but for the whole society”

Nandan said, “Such a constitution should be so self-evident that no one could give one’s own interpretation and it should also be so simple and clear that even a layman should understand it.”

Speakers in the debate highlighted the need for a “new constitution” to help check corruption, crime, and unemployment and increase the quality of education and infrastructure.

Nandan said that the “new constitution should also define free education, free medical treatment, free justice, security and right to livelihood not only as fundamental right but also a duty of the government”.

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