New laws needed agst cyber crime, terror: Jst Thakur

New laws needed agst cyber crime, terror: Jst Thakur
New laws needed agst cyber crime, terror: Jst Thakur

Noting that cyber criminals were a “step ahead” of the law enforcing agencies, Chief Justice of India (CJI) designate Justice T S Thakur today indicated the possibility of the internet being used to coordinate the Paris terror attack which claimed 120 lives.

“Criminals are a step ahead with the spread of computer and internet. Cyber crime has emerged as a major challenge for law enforcement agencies and with younger generation using the internet and other online technology extensively for staying in connect with all day-to-day work and entertainment, all are vulnerable,” Justice Thakur said on the sidelines of a Conference on Cybercrimes, Cyberlaws and Cyber Security here.

He also said that there might be a possibility that the internet would have been used in coordinating the Paris terror attacks.

Condemning the gun and bomb assault on the French capital last week, Thakur said there was a need to put up a “united fight” against the global scourge of terrorism, even as he sought formulation of laws to deal with the “major challenge” of cyber crime.

“Entire humanity has to condemn this kind of an attack (in Paris) on innocents. We hope the world unites against this kind of terrorism. Sure that the world is realising it’s time that they rise against it in a united way. Otherwise, these things will continue unless there is a united fight,” he said.

Expressing concern over growing instances of cyber crime, he said that with the vast accessibility of the internet, criminals have gone a step ahead and cyber crime has emerged as a major challenge.

“There is a need to create an agency to formulate laws and have recommendations for the judiciary on this subject,” the CJI-designate said.

Justice Thakur, whose warrant of appointment for the post of CJI was issued yesterday by the Law ministry, will take over from incumbent Justice H L Dattu on December 3.

Welcoming his suggestion on laws to tackle cyber crime, Tribhuvan Darbari, Director General of Chindia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), suggested initiating dialogue for getting cyber laws in position.

He said not just the common people, but businesses too must gear up in curbing cyber crimes and safeguarding themselves and their e-community.

Pavan Duggal, advocate and organiser of the conference, said cyber security was a collective responsibility of the State and individuals but to put up corrective measures in place, Parliament needed to act tough and enact laws.

He also said the biggest challenge today was the rise of “darknet” where illegal data sharing takes place by individuals who remain anonymous and hence untraceable.

“Issues regarding people’s right to remain anonymous need to be worked out and there has to be a mechanism to at least empower a user to find out if he/she is being surveilled upon or is a victim of the crime,” Duggal said.

( Source – PTI )

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    It should cover rumour mongering and hate mongering also. Comments in social media should be published only after proprper identity is obtained.

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