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The khap panchayat menace has surfaced in Rajasthan, with many people alleging victimisation at the hands of the caste councils.

The victims of khap panchayats from Rajasthan gathered here Tuesday to share their experiences.

Sanjoy Sachdeva, president of the National Journalists Front (India), described the khap panchayat as a “panchayat which has no legal sanctity in India”.

Sachdeva, who along with the victims, interacted with mediapersons here said: “These panchayats also have their own written laws which show utter disregard for the constitution of India and the Indian Penal Code (IPC).”

Sachdeva who went on to investigate the existence of khap panchayats and their exploitative nature in Rajasthan, also released a CD containing first- hand evidence of the brutality with which these panchayats function.

“I first went there to see if they exist or not, then from Delhi I bought a spy camera hidden in a pen to capture it.”

Veeru Singh, a Khap victim broke down as he alleged that “Khap has threatened to kill me and that’s the reason I cannot return home. I am a poor farmer and there is no one on my side.”

Singh had tried to file a complaint with the local police about the Khap panchayats.

“Every khap panchayat is bad, may it be a Dalit khap or a Jat khap,” said Laxman Parmar, whose entire family was thrown out of the community because of his younger brother’s love marriage.

According to Sachdeva, who is planning to write a letter to the president, prime minister and MPs in this regard , “a debate at the national level is necessary. People in Delhi do not see the reality in other parts of India.”

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