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The Jharkhand High Court Thursday barred non-tax payers from filing a public interest litigation (PIL).

“A division bench of Acting Chief Justice Sushil Harkauli and D.N. Patel set the parameters for filing a PIL. The parameters include a term that only tax payers having a PAN (permanent account number) can file PIL,” Rajiv Kumar, a high court lawyer, told IANS.

Kumar is pursuing more than a dozen PILs, including one demanding a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe in a scam involving former chief minister Madhu Koda.

The other parameters said that a person who is filing a PIL will have to give a detailed address.

If a social worker is filing a PIL then he will have to give details of his social work. The person who is filing a PIL will also have to give details of his credentials.

One Response to “Only tax payers can file public interest litigation: Court”

  1. venkata subbaiah chetty

    it is great to read such judgements .The honourable court should have added the terms educated tax payer in the plce of tax payer that would have reduced the fishy PILs by about 50% and saved much of the valuable time of the courts


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