Orient policies for women, NAC tells government

Orientation of social schemes and policies towards women can help control the declining sex ratio in the country, a member of the National Advisory Council’s (NAC) working group on gender and sex ratio said here Tuesday.

“The national policy on declining sex ratio needs to look at all the laws pertaining to women’s issues. We are implementing the PCPNDT (Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques) Act very badly for which we could have fast track courts, and institutional delivery data can be made available at the district level,” said Farah Naqvi, member of the seven-member working group.

The census reported a decline in the sex ratio from 927 females per 1,000 males in 2001 to 914 in 2011.

The recommendations, drafted jointly by Naqvi and A.K. Shiva Kumar, hold that while framing a national policy on the declining sex ratio at birth, the government should consider a broader framework of women’s empowerment and ensure inter-sectoral planning and action.

“There is a need for a review of the cash transfer scheme. We have too few schemes benefiting poorer girls, but what about out schematic interventions for the middle and upper income households,” asked Naqvi.

The group has also suggested a national communication strategy.

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