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More than half of Indian children under the age of two do not receive comprehensive routine immunisation, a study by an NGO said Wednesday.

According to international aid agency Save the Children, India is one of the 25 developing countries in the world where up to one-third of all children receive no vaccinations for childhood killer diseases.

‘Approximately 2.7 million children under the age of five receive no treatment for diarrhoea, which is a major killer of children. Of the 25 developing countries listed in the report, India has the highest number of children who do not receive even the most basic of healthcare services,’ the statement said.

‘The country also has the highest number of children under five dying every year,’ it added.Terming the absence of healthcare services as ‘healthcare deserts’, the statement said that over 40 million children worldwide do not receive the most basic of healthcare services, including routine immunisation.

Save the Children’s chief executive officer Thomas Chandy said that the existence of ‘healthcare deserts’ shows that efforts to reduce child mortality are still sidelining the poorest children and this denial of basic healthcare is leaving them vulnerable to fatal conditions.

‘Ironically, in cities like Delhi, large pockets can be classified as healthcare deserts, where no primary health care is available for the urban poor,’ Chandy said.

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