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A Delhi court Monday granted bail to a Pakistani man accused of entering India illegally as a spy but who claims he had come back to embrace India for good as he was born in Gujarat.

Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Vinod Yadav granted bail to Imraan and his wife Soofia Kanwal and asked them to prove that they indeed wanted to live in India.

But they will be in jail till April 13 as the court told the authorities to verify the residential address of Imran’s parents.

Imran and his wife, who lived in Karachi, were arrested in December.

Police said the couple entered India at the behest of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency.

Imran told the court that he was an Indian by birth and lived in Gujarat. He went to Pakistan at the age 15 and acquired Pakistani citizenship.

Imran told the court that he returned to India to settle here permanently and urged the judge to give him a few days so that he could prove his innocence.

Imran was earlier given interim bail to show the court documents to prove that he had indeed come to India with a view to settle down for good.



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