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young votersPolitical parties need to understand the minds of young voters and especially think about the expectations of those vulnerable among them, an organisation working for children’s rights said Wednesday.

Of the 179,000 new voters who would exercise their franchise in the Lok Sabha election this year, around 43,000 are from the 18-19 age bracket that is first-time voters, according to World Vision India.

The figure of young voters is crucial from the election point of view, as the 2009 poll saw a winning margin less than that in 226 Lok Sabha constituencies, said a release from the group.

“The challenge before the nation and the political parties is to understand the minds of the young voters. Further still, what would the vulnerable among the young voters be expecting from their nation and its political leaders?” the release said.

The organisation said when this young segment of India’s population goes to polls in the coming years, they would only be returning to the system what they have received.

“And if we were to spread our balance sheet concerning what we have given to thousands of our vulnerable children, what is it that we have?”

“With over 400 million children, India has the highest population of children globally – as well as the highest number of child labourers – and the highest number of malnourished children. Thus it becomes of prime importance to discuss how the process of a general election, or even politics in a larger sense, has contributed to the well-being of India’s children,” it said.

Whether India will vote for them and make this a game-changing election is the question that needs urgent answers, it said.

(Source: IANS)

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