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Murali NeelakantanFormer Khaitan & Co partner Murali Neelakantan, has resigned from Cipla global where he was working as general counsel (GC) on 4th of Feb in order to focus on a variety of policy, education and other projects. He also want to become  an independent director of a former long-standing client. He said: “This is a stage in my life that’s finished and there’s policy and strategy and teaching and things like that I’d like to focus on.”

“I’ve been teaching for the past few years on and off, and I’d like to do this more consistently,” he said. Presently he is involved in running a pharma policy programme at Ashoka University.

According to a BSE announcement, he may be incude  as an independent director in kitchen appliance maker TTK Prestige’s board , which remains subject to shareholder approval later this month.

He said he was looking forward to this and other similarly strategic roles in future.

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