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NGOAround 2,000 youngsters, associated with an NGO working for child rights, on Tuesday vowed to vote for a political party which promises to work for the welfare of homeless children.

The first-time voters, all former street children, have written an open letter to all the political parties in Delhi ahead of the December 4 assembly elections in the capital. They demanded five things, which include carrying out a census of homeless children, ensuring regular meetings between government and their representatives, and strict action against those engaging in child labour.

“In Delhi, there are around five lakh street and working children, who are ignored because they can’t vote. But this time, we have around 2,000 first-time voters. This number will only grow in the future,” said Chandni, national secretary of the Badhte Kadam NGO.

“We are united and should not be taken lightly. There are times when people are defeated by even one vote,” she added.


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