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Participants at a public consultation, organised by NGO India Against Corruption here Sunday, demanded that parliament pass the Lokpal Bill as soon as possible to root out corruption from India.

A large number of people from all walks of life participated in the consultation, held in Shahadra in east Delhi.

‘This is the first time in the history of India when the people of India, with the government, will frame an anti-corruption bill. A poor person has pay a bribe to a government official for even a ration card, which is shameful,’ said Rishikesh Kumar, a volunteer of India Against Corruption.

Speakers stressed the need to uproot corruption from the country, demanding that the bill must be passed and there must be transparency in each and every government policy.

Holding Prime Minister Manmohan Singh responsible for the 2G spectrum scam, businessman Ravi Kumar Kholee said: ‘Manmohan Singh must answer to the nation about this entire 2G scam as it happened under his nose and he did nothing. Through these public meetings, we can create awareness about the widespread corruption and take action against it.’


Participants also demanded that prime minister and judiciary must be brought under the purview of the bill, and vowed to support to social activist Anna Hazare, whose 97-hour-long hunger strike led the government to set up a joint panel to frame the bill, in his campaign against corruption.


‘If the the bill is not passed by Aug 15, we will sit with Anna Hazare at Jantar Mantar in the battle against corruption,’ said Right to Information (RTI) activist K.C. Gupta.


Similar public consultations on the bill were held at Narela and Rohini in west and north Delhi. Such meetings have already been conducted in Guwahati, Ahmedabad and various other cities.


One Response to “Pass Lokpal Bill soon, say people”

  1. Devendra Nagar

    We are very happy that Jan lokpal bill coming seoon, but we want to includ some more areas like, Gram Panchayat Audit twice in a year and report will be published related to expenses and budgets work done in villages, because still 60% people does not aware about the jan lokpal bill, also the sarpanch are not working and giving banifits to the villagers, same resulting in Poor people are becoming more poor and not banifited with government plans. there is no review of the Banks branches near by village resulting in the managers are doing work as per their own hence again no poor villagers are benifiting. i am working and reveiwing continuasly panchayat raaj but not sattisfied with the same.
    Specially in Madhya pradesh the rate of improvement is very less against govt in plans, please suggest a way that atleast the internal Audit process to be started in every Graam Panchayat.

    Devendra Nagar
    Audit Manager
    Currently in Bangalore
    Basically belongs to Lasurdiya Graam Panchayat Dist: Dewas, Madhya Prades


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