Pension Scheme for Advocates in Bihar

Here in Bihar an  ambitious pension scheme has been launched for more than one lakh advocates.

While launching the pension scheme in Bihar, Chairman of Bar Council of India Manan Kumar Mishra told that advocates having 30 years of practicing experience would be eligible to get monthly pension of Rs 5,000.

Those who had attained 65 years of age would also get benefit of the scheme.

‘Those willing to avail the facility of pension scheme would have to pay one time Rs 7,000, if they are below 30 years of age,’ Mr Mishra said adding that the advocates who had crossed the age limit of 30 years would have to deposit onetime payment of Rs 10,000 with bar council to get the benefits of pension scheme.

Mr Mishra told that in the event of death of beneficiary advocates, their wives would get Rs 2,500 per month as family pension.

He also added, All advocates willing to come under umbrella of pension scheme would have to purchase journals of Bar Council regularly.


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