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Former journalist Ketan TirodkarFormer journalist Ketan Tirodkar, who has filed a public interest litigation against Maharashtra cabinet’s decision to provide 16 per cent reservations to the Maratha community, has informed the Bombay High Court that he is getting “death threats”.

In a letter to the High Court Registrar, Tirodkar said he received death threats from some people belonging to the Maratha organisations. He also reoproduced an offensive post against him on the social media by ‘Sambhaji Brigade’.

After the hearing on his petition yesterday, a person threw ink at him outside the court, Tirodkar said. The man was arrested by police and released on bail.

He apprehended a threat to his life and planned to leave the city for an undisclosed place for some time, he said, adding he was not seeking police protection as he suspected that he would not be given the protection because he had filed a litigation against the state establishment.

“I have also seen ‘whatsapp’ messages circulated for the last few days which are viciously against me….I apprehend that I will meet the same fate as the late Dr Narendra Dhabolkar (the anti-superstition activist who was killed in Pune last year) in whose case also the state was an active participant. As I am a full-time activist and have no fixed means of income, I am unable to hire private security guards…. Hence, I am forced to leave this state for the time being,” the letter said.

He has also sought exemption from appearance for hearings of various PILs filed by him between July 2 to 4.

(Source: PTI)

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