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The Delhi High Court Friday held that investigating agencies can intercept phone calls of an individual if there is sufficient evidence to prove that he or she is involved in anti-social activities.

The court dismissed the plea of an accused involved in drug trafficking cases challenging the government’s decision to tap his mobile phone six years ago.

Haji Usman contended interception of telephonic conversations between him and his family members was in violation of his right to privacy guaranteed under the constitution.

After going through all the records produced by police, Justice S Muralidhar said the proper procedure had been followed by the authorities while intercepting his calls.

“The respondents (probe agencies) have to only show that there was sufficient material on record which formed the basis to intercept the said mobile number. That burden has been discharged by them,” the court said.

Usman contended in his petition that he is being tried for minor offences in a lower court and the inference drawn by police that he was indulging in anti-national activities was without basis.

One Response to “Phone-tapping of anti-social elements justified: Court”

  1. dr dk gupta

    justified .i agree it is right of evey body to tape phone call of every annti social elements


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