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sathashivamChief Justice of India P. Sathasivam Monday said it was necessary for photojournalists in the country to register their copyrights to deal with any case of potential infringement concerning their work.

“While copyright protection does exist, it is necessary for photojournalists to register their copyrights for enforcing their rights, in case there are instances of infringements,” Justice Sathasivam said at the third National Photography Award ceremony here.

He said the process of registering their copyrights would make it easier to track down potential infringements and enable the photojournalists to obtain a license legitimately for their creative work, thereby avoiding the hassle of litigation.

“Due to the daunting sphere of piracy in the domain of photojournalism, professional photographers must be aware of their lawful rights in order to flourish as professionals in their field,” he said.

Eminent photographer Rajesh Bedi was conferred the lifetime achievement award while 13 other photographers were given awards in various categories.

(Source: IANS)

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