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A PIL has been filed in the Karnataka High Court praying for the issuance of a writ of mandamus directing the state government to drop a proposed foreign trip of legislators in the wake of severe drought.

The government had planned to send as many as 250 legislators on foreign trip at an estimated cost of Rs 15 crore, “which is not only seems inappropriate but will also cause a huge loss to the state exchequer,” the petitioner said.

“In such a situation instead of giving importance to handle the drought situation and helping the farmers and the public, the legislators are planning a trip to foreign countries, which is very inappropriate…,” he stated. The same amount could be utilised for helping the needy, he said.

In the plea filed yesterday, petitioner H S Neelakantappa, a native of Tarikere taluk in Chikmagalur district, said over 174 taluks in Karnataka were facing severe drought due to less rain.

One Response to “PIL filed against foreign trip of Karnataka legislators”

  1. jay

    when rome was burning, Nero was fiddling – these shameless people want to be in power only and only for their own selfish gains – when the whole state is in very bad shape, with drought threat looming large and no basic amenities – road, water, inflation and prices not in the reach of common man, it is utterly inappripirate to enjoy out of taxpayers money, a lavish foreign trip – hope the PIL is successful in putting a ban on the trip


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