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In Allahabad a shocking incident happened, a sub inspector of police and two others were murdered late Tuesday owing to a land dispute in Allahabad. While two of the men were shot dead, one was beaten to death.

The incident occurred at Dubawal village in Sarai Inayat area, Allahabad, about 230 km from the state capital.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Lucknow, Mohit Agarwal said, “That the deceased sub inspector Kapil Muni was working with the wireless department of the Madhya Pradesh police. He was embroiled in a land dispute with Shiv Babu and Ram Babu, who were also from his village.”

Late Tuesday, while Kapil Muni and his nephew Santosh were returning to the village on a motorcycle, they were intercepted by Shiv Babu and his accomplices. The motorcycle was damaged and the men were threatened by Shiv Babu. The police then intervened and settled the dispute.

Shiv Babu later entered into an altercation with the sub inspector, and was beaten to death.

Enraged at the murder, Shiv Babu’s men opened fire and both Kapil Muni and his nephew Santosh were killed on the spot.

A heavy police force has since been deployed in the village, and the dead bodies have been sent for autopsy. FIRs have been lodged by both sides.

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