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Prashant Bhushan beaten up inside Supreme Court

NEW DELHI: Senior Supreme Court advocate and Team Anna member Prashant Bhushan was beaten in his chamber opposite to the Supreme Court by Shri Ram Sena Activist for his alleged comments on Kashmir.

According to Times Now, Prashant Bhushan has said that his attackers were provoked by his comments on Kashmir. Prashant Bhushan has already filed an FIR against his attackers.

In an earlier interview, Prashant had allegedly said that Army should be removed from Kashmir and Aazadi should be given if Kashmiris do not want to live with India.

Kiran Bedi is of the opinion that the incident shows how intolerent we have become as a society.

The attacker claimed himself to be from Shri Ram Sena. One of the attackers has been arrested and the other one is being searched by the Police.

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