President Ram Nath Kovind hails judiciary for pursuing cherished goal of gender justice.

President Ram Nath Kovind on Sunday hailed the efforts of the Indian judiciary in pursuing the “cherished goal of gender justice” and said that the Supreme Court has always been “pro-active and progressive”.

Speaking at the International Judicial Conference 2020 – ‘Judiciary and the Changing World’, the president said the Supreme court has led “progressive social transformation” and referred to the over two decades old Vishaka guidelines for preventing sexual harassment of women at workplace.

“In pursuing the cherished goal of gender justice, to mention one example, the Supreme Court of India has always been pro-active and progressive,” Kovind said.

“From issuing guidelines on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace two decades ago to providing directives for granting equal status to women in the Army this month, the Supreme Court of India has led progressive social transformation,” he said.

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